Cloud VPS Hosting

All VPS Packages Include
1 Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 | 1Gbps Bandwidth | 7 Days Full Backup | SSL VPN Client
8×5 Email & Phone Support  

Server A

CPU: 2 Cores
HDD: 80 GB
Traffic: 4TB
Monthly: RM 250.00

Server B

CPU: 4 Cores
HDD: 160 GB
Traffic: 5TB
Monthly: RM 450.00

Server C

CPU: 6 Cores
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 320 GB
Traffic: 6TB
Monthly: RM 900.00

Server D

CPU: 8 Cores
RAM: 32 GB
HDD: 640 GB
Traffic: 7TB
Monthly: RM 1800.00

Domain Name & DNS

Domain Name Renewal
2 x Cloud Based DNS Servers
Proxy Server
DDoS Protection
Web Application Firewall
8x5 Email & Phone Support

Range RM 120.00 - RM 180.00 / Year

Web Hosting

Suitable for < 100,000 Visits Monthly
Unmetered Traffic
Free SSL & CDN
30 Days Retention Daily Backup
Web Application Firewall
Managed CRM
MySQL Database
99.9% Uptime
8x5 Email & Phone Support

1GB Web Space - RM 200.00 / Year
3GB Web Space - RM 300.00 / Year

Email Hosting

POP3, IMAP & SMTP Mailboxes
Unmetered Traffic
1 Gbps Shared Bandwidth
SSL Webmail
AntiVirus Integrated
AntiSpam Integrated
99.9% Uptime
8x5 Email & Phone Support

10 GB SSD - RM 350.00 / Year
20 GB SSD - RM 450.00 / Year
50 GB SSD - RM 800.00 / Year

Managed Services

Is an IT service contract between our company and customer. It is customisable based on customer requirements. A service level agreement will be agreed upon by the two companies.

Expectations between the service provider and the customer and describes the products or services to be delivered, the single point of contact for end-user problems, and the metrics by which the effectiveness of the process is monitored and approved.

Response time is NOT a problem solved. Response time includes the time taken to transmit the reported incident, remote troubleshooting, and traveling time if onsite support is included in SLA. The response time is written in  SLA (x hours) during the business day or extended to a non-business hour.

It depends on the reported problem. During the downtime, we will keep our customers up-to-date. However, we always have alternate solutions for our customers if the estimated downtime is longer than 24 hours.

Depend on the following factors:-

  • Location(s)
  • Networking (WAN, VLAN, VPN, LAN)
  • Hardware (Servers, Network Devices, Desktop & Laptop or Tablet)
  • SLA – 8×5 Business Day or 24×7 Extended Support
  • Response Time – 4 hours or 8 hours (next business day)
  • Remote Only or On-site Support
  • Preventive Visit – X hours within a week
  • Applications that running within the company

Official Qoutation

Let us know you requirements, we are happy to provide you an official quotation for your consideration. If the item is not listed here, your may contact us by separate email or drop us a call.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Domain Name & DNS

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

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