Our Milestone

Twdor started the company with less than 10 customers. We focused on providing IT services and outsourcing mainly in the supply chain industry. To fulfill the market needs, Twdor also adventured into the Internet hosting business in the beginning with a very small-scale data center in Klang with a 10Mbps fiber connection.

In the end of November 2012, Twdor signed with DELL Computer Malaysia for hardware trading business and with software licensing with distributors of Microsoft in Malaysia.

Beginning from 2013 to 2014, we have a total IT system solutions for our customers. We carry more security products such as Sophos Internet Gateway (Firewall) and Kaspersky End Point Security for our customer needs. We have deployed more than 2,000 desktops and servers in Klang valley alone.

Before the Malaysian government implements the new tax system (GST) on 1 April 2015, many corporates planned to upgrade their computer system. Due to this requirement, Twdor has implemented multiple on-premises VMWare virtualization solutions for multiple customers.

In the years 2016 & 2017, we are facing the most challenging years since the company has founded. However, we believed in research and development. Besides learning some new technology locally and oversea, we have upgraded our data center Internet speed from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. By the end of 2017, we have made our decision to migrate all IT infrastructures to Cloud Computing and the project has completed in February 2018. Now, our customers are enjoying a high-speed Internet connection with 1Gbps.

The pandemic has spread around the globe beginning in 2020. The majority of our customers are from small and medium businesses. The Malaysian government has implemented several lock-downs to prevent the virus spread, and businesses have been forced to work from home. During the time of the pandemic, our services to customers are not affected.


Our Finances

Our paid-up capital and authorized capital is RM 100,000. We practice being a good paymaster to our suppliers. We believe our customers will do the same thing to us provided Twdor delivers good services.


"We have the privilege hosting with TWDOR on Cloud VPS for quite a number of years. Dedicated pool of expertise to handle day-to-day issues and thus far, services are stable and reliable.

Minimum issues with Cloud VPS hosting with TWDOR very recently and they managed to solve within minutes!!"

KY Looi
Tohtonku | IT Business Application Manager
"Twdor is one of the most reliable web hosting providers we've ever come across. All our web applications hosted with them have never once experienced downtime.

Speed, support, and pricing is very good. Support team is very responsive, and always courteous and professional. Recommended!"

Bryan Chew
Dapper Digital | Director
"Within the Southern Acids Group of Companies, Hospital Sri Kota has been the earliest customer engaged with Twdor.

Over the past 5 years, the group has more subsidiaries chosen Twdor's as our IT managed services provider."

WY Wong
Southern Medicare | IT Manager